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Fall/Winter 2022-23

As a new season comes upon us, Kollontaï presents its resilience in the form of a creative rebellion. We refuse to make any sacrifices that intend to limit our imagination into one simple guideline; we are leaving the mold behind and we are redefining ourselves off the beaten track. With nothing holding us back, we experiment all the marvels that the world has to offer by savouring every spark of beauty. We welcome the warm colours that set our soul on fire; we rejoice of the comfort brought by the multi-textural enveloping materials; we adopt a unique look that feels like us and refuse any compromise. Even though colder days are waiting ahead, we welcome them with audacity, by adopting cuts and hues that push back winter’s roughness, reminding us of summer’s lightness instead. We are working comforting materials whose soft warmth makes the winter season an enchanting experience. Let the inspirations meet and embrace to become styles that are rich in colors, cuts and textures. Let yourself be rocked to a colourful melody that reminds you of happiness’ taste. Join us in this creative madness where we celebrate life and all the beauty it has to offer.