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Fall/Winter 2020-21

Kollontaï's expertise includes offering great cuts that enhance the silhouettes with the use of marvelous hues and the most exquisitely comfortable fabrics, but it is also over 20 years of valorizing the garment through every stitch. Kollontaï is also so much more since it is, before anything else, a group of wonderful humans that bring all of their talents together and create for you every day. With our production situated in Montreal, the entirety of our collections is made by our experienced seamstresses that only have high quality on their mind and a heart full of passion, all of which bring you clothes that are durable and that will last through time. Clothes, for us, mean so much more than fashion or trends; it is before anything else a safe space of creativity, freedom and respect, a respect not only for those who make our clothes, but for those who wear them as well. It is why we value our local production, through all the hardship we faced, because we truly believe that an ethical production is the only option that should exist, as it is also the most durable. Thank you for encouraging local businesses and humane working conditions, but most of all thank you for your constant support of our work! - Kollontaï team