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Spring-Summer 2019

As seasons are swiftly flying by, summer appears once more in all its greatness. A timeless source of inspiration, nature explodes in lively and vivifying hues, including dazzling oranges, infinitely profound blues as well as intricate multicolored florals. For this collection, Kollontaï has been inspired by nature’s delicate tangibility by using materials that are both soft to the touch and of an exquisite lightness. The fineness of silk and bamboo are brought out to cast the light on the quiet strength of nature, creating a perfect alliance between them and the comfort offered by other fibers, like cotton. Life’s whirlwinds...

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Fall/Winter 2018-19

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Kollontaï offers an historical collection that brings together many styles representative of the brand's journey, right up to its very latest creations. At the heart of this time capsule are tunics - an absolute classic of the brand- but above all, and in keeping with tradition, is an interplay between textures and transparencies that is explored as an ode to women. Kollontaï's ability to celebrate a woman's curves transcendsthe years and collections, as it has sought to highlight all feminine silhouette since it was founded. Kollontaï presents its forthieth collection: a composition of winter hues,...

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Spring-Summer 2018

As the heat returns and nature awakens, energizing colours reemerge in a warm melody. For its Spring-Summer 2018 collection, Kollontaï transcends the decades in a vision where the 50s, 60s and 70s harmoniously complement one another in a historical series with a modern twist.

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